The Web Just Turned Local, How Visible Is Your Website?

Essex SEO’s will give you the results you need, because of this our SEO services have no fixed term contracts. We believe you will stay with us because you are happy with our service.

Localised SEO is becoming more prominent and is vital to any business that is both national and region restricted in fact it is proven that you are more likely going to get a conversion with local search.

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Free Site Audit

We are so passionate about internet marketing & SEO that we will provide a free SEO audit, no strings attached.

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Our quotations come with no obligations, as we are certain you’ll be happy with what we charge you will want to jump right on board with us.

Free SEO Report

Yes that’s right our SEO reports are free as well! We will give you a few free pointers to get you on the road to success, we pride ourselves on 100% transparency.visibility

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We decided to work with Essex SEOs after getting burnt by another SEO company who had seriously damaged our online reputation.  (more..)

We hired Essex SEO's to run a complex SEO project for us. The site we were trying to rank for was in a very competitive market. Essex SEO's team did the research, planning, and implementation and produced excellent results. (more..)

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Essex SEO’s was established in 2009 having previously worked within organizations providing bespoke SEO services.

Our dedicated team of in-house experts have an extensive knowledge of the search engine optimization industry.

With over 94% of our clients achieving top 10 results in Google.

We dedicate all our time and research into finding new and innovative ways of providing the best optimisation possible to pass down to our customers so that they see results and get return on investment (ROI).

Our dedicated SEO consultants will audit your website as well as your industry making sure that we find all the keywords that suit your business and website, and provide a bespoke strategy that suits you.

We have a vast range of internet marketing strategies for a multitude of different industries.

With various different techniques including viral media, social media and having dedicated copywriters creating unique content for your website.

We will carry out an on site analysis to make sure that your site conforms with all the guidelines and regulations that the search engines support, thus helping your visibility and authority.

An off site analysis is also carried out, helping us to form a unique marketing strategy for your website that is effect in your industry and helps you to super-seed your competitors.

SEO Chelmsford

With the web becoming increasingly local, Chelmsford businesses need to use every method available to gain a competitive advantage.

Search engine optimization (SEO) remains the single most effective way that a business can increase its local web presence. Chelmsford companies with an SEO strategy that is managed correctly can hit the top of search engine rankings and receive all the benefits of the extra traffic and sales this provides.

But how do you do that cost-effectively, not eating too much into your valuable time?

SEO in Chelmsford

Essex SEO provides bespoke solutions to help local businesses gain high organic search rankings on Google, Bing etc.

We will perform a FREE website audit, and also audit your industry to uncover all the keywords you should be targeting; then we tailor-make a strategy that puts you in a strong position to gain local traffic:

  • An on-site analysis ensures your site conforms with all the guidelines set down by the search engines, thereby ensuring compliance, as well as helping your visibility and authority.
  • An off-site analysis helps us tailor a unique marketing strategy to give your business the competitive edge in your industry.

We can manage the whole SEO process for Chelmsford businesses of all sizes in any industry, with minimal input or time investment on your part.

Guaranteed! Our SEO Works:

If you don’t see results within 6 months we will provide our services for FREE until you do!

White Hat SEO Only

Our methods are all “White Hat”. That means we use only strategies aimed at long-term, sustainable high rankings that Google and the other search engines recognise and value, including both on-site strategies and off-site SEO. These remain the two cornerstones of any SEO strategy.

Importantly, we do not try to “cheat” or “game” the search engines: that will only result in sites getting penalised and plummeting in the rankings at the next Google shakeup. This short-term thinking should not be part of any Chelmsford business SEO strategy.

Why Essex SEO?

  • Over 94% of our clients are achieving Top 10 results with Google.
  • Affordable SEO with Guaranteed ROI – FREE SEO if no results in 6 months.
  • The latest white hat techniques for better rankings, better visibility and more authority.
  • Established in 2009, with many years of previous experience in SEO for local businesses.
  • A dedicated team with extensive knowledge of the workings of SEO.
  • Specialists in SEO for Chelmsford businesses with a long list of satisfied clients.
  • Other Internet marketing strategies available, including content creation, email marketing, social media marketing, paid advertising and reputation management

Essex SEO – SEO Friendly Web Design

When it comes to SEO web design, keyword research is a factor which comes into play once more, having the right terms for your website is important as well as establishing what your motive, target audience and the objectives you intend to achieve.

Another factor to consider is will the site be global, international, national or regional, this can make it easier to target long-term key phrases if you know exactly who and where your desired customer base is and are.

You should have specific pages for the terms you want to achieve results with and they should contain a large amount of relevant, original and most importantly interesting content for the customer.

Making sure you have a text based navigation this is vital, some older websites will have image based navigation which the search engines will not be able to read. This also includes flash elements as they are also image based. As well as this it is not SEO friendly and isn’t accessible for mobile users.

Website load time is another important factor, due to the implementation made by Google to include this as part of it’s ranking algorithm in early 2010 (Google caffeine). Make sure you have the minimum code in your website, use external libraries instead of having them on-page.

Optimize your images to the minimum size based on quality as this can save a large portion of your websites size and help to increase load speeds.

Adding social elements to your website, this helps you develop a voice in your community and makes it easier for customers to contact you in many different ways. Add social networking icons on your site so that they are easily accessible to your target audience and customer base.

Make sure that your URL structure is SEO friendly, using a logical structure to how your site is separated is usually a good move, for example instead of, doing this will help Google and other search engines discover what your site is about and what specific pages on your website are about also as well as helping the customer know how deep they are into your site and what page they are on.

Last but by all means not least W3C validation, make sure that your website adheres to all the guidelines set out although this isn’t a major issue at the moment such algorithm additions as ‘panda’ and ‘caffeine’ concentrate very highly on user experience and relevance so it is a good idea to cover this area sooner rather than later.

SEO Brentwood

The web is becoming increasingly local and increasingly competitive, meaning Brentwood businesses have to fight that little bit harder to be seen.

Smart, effective SEO is the best way for a business to maintain a strong local web presence. Brentwood companies with a well-executed SEO strategy can reap the benefits of the extra traffic and more prospects that come with being top of the search rankings.

Even better news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune getting there.

SEO Services in Brentwood

Essex SEO uses a combination of proven formulas and the latest SEO techniques to get your Brentwood business ranking with Google, Bing etc:

  • A FREE website audit lets you know what you are doing right and wrong at present, including compliance with guidelines set down by the search engines
  • An audit of your industry uncovers all the keywords you should be targeting
  • A tailor-made strategy increases visibility, authority and rankings over a period of 6 months
  • A range of other marketing strategies give you the competitive edge in your industry

We manage the whole SEO process for Brentwood businesses. This applies to any size of company, in any industry, and it will not impact on your time.

Guaranteed! Our SEO Works:

If you don’t see results within 6 months we will provide FREE additional SEO!

White Hat SEO

We use only “White Hat” SEO methods. All of our techniques and strategies aim for long-term, sustainable high rankings.

This includes both on-site and off-site SEO, which remain the foundation of smart SEO strategy: on-site optimisation works with the content on your website to improve rankings for targeted keywords; off-site focuses mainly on getting links pointing to your site to increase your level of authority.

We never attempt to “game” the search engines. Some companies will use practices that can end up getting a site penalised or even blocked by Google. This can send rankings through the floor and have devastating effects. It should never be part of SEO for Brentwood business.

Why Use Essex SEO?

  • We are specialists in SEO for Brentwood businesses with a long list of satisfied clients
  • Over 94% of our clients are achieving Top 10 results with Google
  • Affordable SEO with Guaranteed ROI – FREE SEO if no results in 6 months
  • The latest white hat techniques for better rankings, better visibility and more authority
  • Established in 2009, with many years of previous experience in SEO for local businesses
  • A dedicated team with extensive knowledge of the workings of SEO

Essex SEO – What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) in definition means to improve the visibility of your website and or pages that you want to market to a specific term or keyword. This is done through natural search meaning to naturally market your site to appear higher in the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

The way this helps your sites visibility is; the higher up the search engines you place the higher the percentage of traffic your site will receive.

The process of SEO is done through many means both off-site and on-site optimisation. On-site means to analyze the code of your website making sure that you haven’t missed anything, removing errors, ensuring that you have optimized your site to all your primary keywords and making sure you adhere to the W3C guidelines.

And off-site meaning to promote your website across the internet through many different industry specific means as well as social and viral media.

Choosing The Right SEO Company

SEO is not an immediate process, it should be carried out for the duration of your sites life. SEO companies that offer ♯1 positions in just a few days or weeks are quite frankly lying and marketing your site this way could damage your websites reputation and achieve very little results with regards to your website positioning.

To have a success SEO campaign with longevity you need to make sure that you do not throw too much at your site too fast, it needs to be done in a gradual but effective manner with relationships being build with affiliates and other sites specific to your industry and sector.

This will help build a long lasting solid marketing strategy which will reflect on your website’s authority and accountability.

Essex SEO – Local & Small Business SEO?

Essex SEO’s prides itself on local search helping small businesses generate more traffic and increase conversions.

Factors to consider when dealing with local search term based keywords:

Keyword research this is a vital part making sure that you cover all long-tail key phrases that are relevant to the website and repeating this process to get a in-depth result. This will also help work out the difficulty of certain keywords and which are more achievable depending on the budget.

Analyze your competition find out what they are doing that you aren’t, find out where they are ranking on the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page).

Check the page mentions, back-links, Alexa rank, domain age of your competitors websites to analyze there authoritativeness against your own.

Look at how your competitors site’s are designed. If a customer is already used to the feel of your site because a competitor has a feel similar to yours, you may be more likely to make a conversion.

Be sure to add the company address and telephone number as a ‘call to action’ on the home page, this will make it easy for potential customers to contact you.

Web Design Essex

Having a slow, boring and outdated website design? Most of the Essex businesses often underrate the potential of a good website design in bringing new business possibilities.

‘First impression is the last impression’ is a popular saying and a good website design fully justifies it. A website represents the online image of a business. Whenever a visitor visits a website there are two possibilities: it can either lead visitors to contacting you or they shift to your competition.

It’s time to pull up your socks and set a standard for the success of your online business which will eventually lead to a better outcome.  The motto is simple: an eye-catching, user-friendly website design that will prove effective in generating new business leads by using responsive and bespoke development.


Ready, Set, Go

In recent years, most businesses have done a lot to get their website get noticed by potential customers. Improved navigation, additional content, functionality and various other upgrades are some of the major changes in web design and development with businesses in Essex, and most likely your competitors to gain the edge and stand out from the crowd.

Essex SEO offers professional and state of art web design for businesses in Essex. We help you to create a niche for your business. Treat your visitors to a user friendly website that will enable you to gain a higher sales conversion rate.  Provide us an overview of your requirements and we will provide a custom web design to meet your needs.


Why Choose Our Website Design in Essex?

  • A one-stop solution for high quality result-oriented web design.
  • Expertise in professional website design and development that can appeal customers.
  • We are open to work with any budget tailored to your needs.
  • Free concept design as per your specifications.
  • Stipulated time delivery.
  • Act smart and make your online presence known with our SEO services.

Locations We Serve

Proudly Serving the whole of Essex including Basildon, Chelmsford, Wickford, Brentwood and nearby areas since 2008

Advancement in technology has made the world a smaller place. The web has become more specific, targeted and competitive which means small businesses have to strive and excel to get recognized.

Smart, effective and location specific SEO is the latest strategy for any local business to maintain an effective web presence. A dedicated and efficient digital marketing agency with excellent web design services and effective internet marketing strategies can help Essex businesses to achieve improved traffic and better sales prospects. Essex is a large county and home to lots of local businesses.

Essex SEO’s is an expert digital marketing agency specialising in web design, onsite and offsite SEO services along with social media aswel as link aquisition. Our service area comprises of whole of Essex including Chelmsford, Brentwood, Basildon, Wickford and adjoining areas. So wherever your business is located in Essex, we are just a call away from you.

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